10 Experts advise how to keep your mental health in top shape

“Never tell me of the sterner beauties of winter” the English novelist Letitia Elizabeth Landon once lamented, and for those of us seeking refuge from the season’s biting cold, desolate landscapes and extended hours of dark, her words could hardly be more true.

For some of us, there is no better time than these months of hibernation. But in the harsh and individualized city, a certain sense of isolation can instead take hold – especially on those horrible early morning commutes!

Bouts of low mood during the winter season is something that many are familiar with. Also referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or ‘the winter blues’, the NHS estimates that “approximately 2 million people in the UK and Ireland” are affected and that the “modern way of living” and “extended working hours” have a direct impact.


At London Business Magazine, we have spoken to ten successful working women, on how to keep your emotional wellbeing in great shape right through to the first signs of spring.

After a loss in the family, she moved to the UK and this was where her mindset and perspective of life began changing. She took a deep look at herself and discovered spirituality and mentality. As a result of studying Psychology at university, today she performs as a Transformational Mindset Coach, Spiritual Coach and Therapist. Feeling blessed that she was able to overcome hardships, she wants to inspire and empower others to find self-love. 

Ramona Maria Pop: “If we plant the right seeds, we get the right plants”

Having undergone a life journey that led to her graduation in Psychology from a London university, Ramona now works as a therapist and spiritual coach to help others.

Maintaining our emotional well-being is very important. Throughout my journey, I found introspection in the times when I had to stop and ask myself – is this the life I want to live? Of course, these were not the happiest moments of my life. Yet, I made a decision and chose to release my old traumas. Hence, the first step is to acknowledge that mental health is an essential element.

Everything starts with a thought. Thoughts are like seeds. If we plant the right seeds, we will get the right plants. Likewise, putting good, positive thoughts in our minds will yield good and positive things in life. In other words, our life is a mirror of our thoughts. What we believe becomes true for us. Each day, we must remember to master our minds. We have to control the mind and not let the mind control us. My daily discipline consists of positive affirmations, meditation, yoga practice, walks in nature, body workouts, sun exposure and healthy food.

This is how you can keep your mental and emotional wellbeing in top shape – by just loving yourself more every single day.

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